Já’s Security Policy

It is Já’s policy to ensure the safety of the company's information and its customers in terms of secrecy, justice and availability. It is our policy to protect data security and the equipment on which the data is operated.


  • Já looks for and handles risks. Risk assessments and internal audits are conducted on a regular basis to determine whether further action is needed and to work on continuous improvements. Gallup has ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • Já protects data and information systems against unauthorized access, use, alteration, disclosure, destruction, loss or transfer.
  • Já operates an effective security system to limit access to the premises and information systems of the company with the purpose of protecting data and equipment against operational interference, abuse, theft, vandalism, destruction, etc.
  • Employees and service providers, current and former, may not provide information about internal issues Já, customers or other employees.
  • Já contributes to the active safety awareness of employees, customers, service providers and visitors through presentations and training. Activities and practices shall show excellent information security.
  • Já follows good business practices, national law and privacy regulations to ensure the interests of customers.

Já reviews this policy as needed but at least every two years.

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