Já 360°

Já 360° on map

Já has filmed 360° view of Iceland and the pictures have now been combined with Já.is maps, see here.

Já 360° videos of few of Iceland nature pearls have been put on Planiceland.com, a travel web for those visiting Iceland.

If you have any comments about Já 360° you can send us an e-mail.

Já 360° indoor

Já 360° indoor is a service where we take 360° pictures of your company wich allows you to let your costumers have a sneek peek before visiting.

A few restaurants, shops and offices have alredy been photographed and their pictures have been put into Já.is. 

Já 360°indoor:

Já 360° photos from up to 4 angles.*

Shown on Já.is branded page.**

The right to use the photos on your web page .

Price 49.000 ISK without VAT. 


For more information you can e-mail us at ja@ja.is or call us Tel. 522 3200.

* Assuming that the photo shoot is finnished in one session and only takes 60 minutes.

** To be able to buy a Já 360° indoor photo shoot your company has to have a branded page on Já.is or have package 3 or 4.  Já 360° indoor is included in packages 1 and 2.