About Stjörnur.is

Stjörnur.is is the only Icelandic online review site and is owned and supervised by Já.  The goal is to create a powerful online consumer society where people can rate service providers by giving comments and stars for services. On the site you can find local recommendation from customers, good or bad.

You can look at the website here.

Stjörnur.is app

In the fall of 2012 Já released Stjörnur.is app which made it easy for users to use Stjörnur.is through mobile phones and tablets. The app can also be used to find a service provider near you using GPS.

You can get the Stjörnur.is app on Google play (Play Store) or on iTunes.

Get the app for iPhone / iPad  (iPhone 3Gs and higher)

Get the app for  Android (2.2 and higher)